Mucura Club Hotel

Mucura Club Hotel was born more than 10 years ago after being a private family property for many years. We remodel and adapted all the facilities so that our visitors can enjoy this paradise in the Caribbean that for so many years was hidden from the rest of the world. During this time we have worked to build a significant connection with the community, always framed in respect for nature.

Our Commitment

As part of our commitment to the environment, the hotel constantly carries out cleanup days on the island’s beaches and trails with the collaboration of the Puerto Caracol community and the National Parks office. We also schedule educational talks with the children about the importance of caring for the native species of flora and fauna found on the island.

From the arrival of the guests we seek to generate an ecological awareness of natural resources such as water, beaches, fauna, flora and others. We want to promote the learning of natural and cultural values, in order to conserve them and in the same way promote the economic and ecological activity of the island.


We work to build a significant relationship between the hotel and the community, providing work with all the benefits and promoting the education and development of the island’s inhabitants. We believe in contributing to the benefit of the community for generations to come and in having a positive impact on the local community of Isla Múcura, so that our visitors can contribute to the local economy. Most of our employees are native residents of the island or nearby islands.

The Island

The hotel is part of an island declared a protected marine area for corals and a National Natural Park under the name of Parque Nacional Natural Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo. The marine protected area of ​​the park is supervised and controlled by the National Natural Parks Unit of Colombia as a state agent of environmental surveillance and control. At Múcura Club Hotel we have a broad environmental awareness of respect and appreciation for the existing marine ecosystem and sustainable tourism, through appropriate practices of tourist and recreational services.

The Property

We have different types of rooms that are suitable for any type of traveler, they have views of the sea or interior gardens and range from Suites, Cabins, Standard and Boat to Bungalows and Standard with shared bathroom, which are strategically located within an environment of 4 hectares overflowing with nature and native species. Surrounded by forests of palm trees with paths that connect the different structures with the central complex of the hotel.