Two-person kayaks are the ideal way to tour the island and enjoy the incredible endless views of the Caribbean Sea.


Snorkeling in the impressive warm water coral reefs and enjoying the immensity of the tropical sea is an experience that you only live once and on Mucura Island, as many times as you want.

Paddle Board

Enjoy perfect sea conditions throughout the year for paddle boarding and touring the island in a unique way.


Our world-class massages with ocean views and the sound of the waves will make you recharge physically, mentally and spiritually.

Islands Tour

Meet and explore all the wonders that the other 9 islands of the San Bernardo Archipelago have to offer. Walk along the beaches of Tintipán or stroll through Santa Cruz del Islote, the most densely populated artificial island in Colombia and one of the most in the world.

Bioluminescent Plankton

After a short boat trip under the light of the moon and the stars, you will be able to see with your own eyes one of the most incredible natural spectacles on the island: the phytoplankton, which emit a constellation of small lights on contact with the skin.

Chara Tour

The Chara is the largest coral on the entire island. You can visit it, take care of it and live up close all the marine fauna of this ancient wonder in its greatest expression.


The San Bernardo archipelago is an environment governed and shaped by the Caribbean current and the Panama countercurrent, thus being one of the richest underwater ecosystems in the Caribbean and Colombia. During the dive you will be able to observe  513 of the identified species of fish in the different coral reefs that surround the territory of the islands.


Venture into trails brimming with nature and live with native species of birds and iguanas, surrounded by palm tree forests, mangrove forests and coastal lagoons. If you are lucky you will be able to find one of the Hawksbill turtle nesting grounds.

Canal of the Stars Tour

This time, the sky is under the sea. Very close to the island you can snorkel in a huge sandbank where a large number of starfish settle.

Romantic and Celebration Dinners

Enjoying a special dinner at sunset, accompanied by a conversation without any interruption from the modern world, will renew your relationship and acquire a much more special meaning.


If deserted and crystalline beaches are not your thing, you can swim in the only pool on the entire island with an incredible endless view of the sea or relax in the sun on the main deck.

Volleyball Court

At the hotel you can play a game of volleyball with your family, friends and acquaintances on a beach volleyball court with all the adrenaline that the game deserves.


The beaches of Isla Múcura are completely quiet and almost deserted; our travelers can enjoy the surroundings, sunbathe, swim placidly in a multicolored sea or relax on another level in the natural shade produced by the mangrove forest.


You can end the day relaxing with a classic cocktail or one of the hotel’s signature cocktails, with the perfect atmosphere for the moment you want to create and experience.